Unicon SF

Unicon SF steam boiler plants for process and food industries

Unicon SF boiler plants are equipped with fire tube boilers which are usually oil or natural gas fired. The plants are manufactured both as module type transferable and on-site assembled boiler plants in a capacity range of 7-300 t/h.

Unicon SF boiler plants are used in process and food industries where steam is needed.

Unicon SF


Unicon SF plant is equipped with a 3-pass fire tube boiler. The fuel burns in the furnace flue and there is a cooled reversing chamber at the end of the flue from where the flue gas is sent back to the front part of the boiler. From the front part of the boiler the flue gas is directed through the fire tubes into the flue gas duct attached to the back end of the boiler.

The basis for the design is that the heat load of the furnace and the velocity of flue gas in the convection part are low. Therefore, combustion in the furnace is complete and e.g. NOx emissions are reduced. Also the pressure loss of the boiler is low. Due to the high steam volume, steam production is reliable in spite of load changes and the boilers can reach 99 % steam dryness.

A super-heater can be integrated to the boiler’s front part. With the super-heater the steam can reach temperatures up to 300ºC.

Technical data

Unicon SF
7 - 300 t/h
Three-pass fire tube boiler
Boiler size

1 - 40 MW
Pressure (max)

20 bar
300 °C

Natural gas, light and heavy fuel oil
Operating efficiency   90 - 95 %
Burner equipment
  One or two automatic modulating burners per boiler
Flue gas temperature    80 - 250ºC (depending on fuel and economizer)
Typical emission levels     Oxygen content O2 approx. 2-3 %
Carbon monoxide content CO approx. 20 mg/MJ

Nitrogen oxide content Nox 50-260 mg/MJ
Particle emissions < 5-40 mg/MJ (depending on fuel)



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