At KPA Unicon we firmly believe in 3 main values, Empathy, Awareness and Passion.

As a part of Partnera Corporation, KPA Unicon’s personnel are committed to the following ethical principles: 

  • We comply with laws and regulations 
  • We offer a safe and equal workplace
  • Our ways of doing business are fair and sustainable
  • We handle our property and information carefully 

At KPA Unicon, our operations are guided by three core values ​​that are in line with the Corporation’s ethical principles: empathy, awareness, and passion. Based on these values, we have specified our day-to-day operating principles to guide our employees to make the right choices and represent our company in a way that matches our brand. Our goal as a company is to do good and at the same time bring value to our partners and customers.

> KPA Unicon - Code of ethics [pdf]