Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

By means of procedures presented in the management system and continuous improvement, KPA Unicon is committed to continuously improving customer experience; minimizing negative environmental impacts resulting from its operations, products and services; reducing annual quality costs and improving the quality of operations; creating a safe working environment; and achieving a level of zero workplace and environmental accidents. KPA Unicon strives to better the world by promoting the use of clean energy solutions among its customers and thus reducing customers’ environmental release.

We help our customers to:

  • Reduce gaseous, solid, and liquid emissions from energy production with new clean energy solutions.
  • Use existing energy sources more responsibly by enhancing and improving existing energy production.
  • Make decisions to reduce energy production and emissions by providing our expertise for customer use

We achieve the objectives set in accordance with the HSEQ-policy in our own operations by:

  • Ensuring a safe working environment in all our operations, in accordance with training, guidelines and the commonly agreed code of ethics.
  • Investing in workplace well-being by ensuring flexible modes of working in a good working environment as part of skilled professional communities, and by ensuring that all our employees are qualified to carry out their tasks with training, open communication, and coach management.
  • Involving and hearing employees and their representatives in the development of occupational health and safety.
  • Continuous improvement through leveraging expertise, learning from experience and open knowledge sharing.
  • Continuously developing our clean energy solutions to better meet the needs of the future and boldly making initiatives to make customers’ energy production efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • Identifying potential risks, hazards, and non-conformities in all our operations, and eliminating them or managing them.
  • Identifying the adverse environmental impacts of our own operations and production, such as carbon dioxide emissions, fine particle emissions, and impacts resulting from energy and material use, and by creating policies to minimize these impacts.
  • Openly communicating with our stakeholders to ensure understanding of our HSEQ-policy, code of ethics, standards, and business operations.
  • Only working with partners that meet quality, environmental and occupational safety levels required by our code of ethics and objectives.
  • Committing to complying with legal obligations regarding our operations, and fulfilling defined requirements, and procedures.

KPA Unicon’s HSEQ-policy and strategy are supported by quality objectives presented in process descriptions, annually reviewed environmental objectives, and defined indicators for safety and workplace well-being. The achievement of all set HSEQ-targets is measured by a set of performance indicators, and the results are used to identify and carry out needed corrective action.