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The Board of Directors steers KPA Unicon analytically, attentive to the staff

Founded in 1990, KPA Unicon has defined clean energy, the environment, international operations and staff well-being as its values. They have paved the way for what started as a one-man consultancy 30 years ago developing into an international family company that employs nearly 300 specialists.

KPA Unicon was founded by the Kovanen family, which continues at the helm of the company and is the chief shareholder. Jukka-Pekka Kovanen is Managing Director while Jonna Kovanen is in charge of internal and external communication, marketing and brand development. The values of the family company steer KPA Unicon’s operational activities as well as the Board of Directors, chaired by Pekka Kovanen, father to Jukka-Pekka and Jonna.

“When I founded the company three decades ago, I realized that the markets in the Savo region, or even in all of Finland, would not be large enough for us. That is why we have, from the very beginning, fine-tuned and refined our products and technical solutions to ensure that they satisfy the highest international standards. A competent, healthy and satisfied staff has been essential in all this,” says Kovanen.

Systematic development has helped KPA Unicon become an international expert in clean energy. The work has involved employees as well as top management and Board members. The Board’s task has been to review the company’s operations from a critical, analytical perspective.

The Board of Directors as a counterbalance to the family company

 The three-strong Board steers KPA Unicon’s operations and development in cooperation with the managing director and management group. Pekka Kovanen, Chair of the Board, contributes with his clean energy competence and familiarity with international markets. The other two Board members’ strengths lie in financial and funding competence and in their solid experience in business management. The Board of Directors convenes once a month and more frequently, if required. Jonna Kovanen has served as Secretary to the Board since 2011.

“I expect all decisions to be analytically reasoned. The Board engages in dialog, but helps develop the company in a matter-of-fact, systematic manner. This approach has been carefully considered to provide a counterbalance to the family company’s operations,” says Pekka Kovanen.

Jukka-Pekka Kovanen, Managing Director of KPA Unicon, attends Board meetings as the presenting officer. He reports the management group’s views and strategic development ideas, which form the foundation for plans concerning the company’s operational activities. The Board also supports and encourages KPA Unicon’s managing director and management group and ensures that the company engages in goal-oriented and financially sustainable operations under all circumstances.

Outside vision is needed for the Board to function well

Board work also involves outside top experts, who ensure that the family company is not blinded to its operations. In addition to Pekka Kovanen, KPA Unicon’s Board members include Pekka Hietala and Erkki Moisander.

Erkki Moisander has been on KPA Unicon’s Board since 2004. The former CEO of LocalTapiola Group, he is known as a very experienced and skilled expert in board work.

“Moisander has a constructive approach, and he has worked as an entrepreneur in a family company. He also has solid competence in the management of a large corporation, which shows especially in his way of building and unifying the methods adopted by KPA Unicon’s Board,” Pekka Kovanen describes.


Pekka Hietala, who joined the Board in 2010, is the M&A Director and partner of Canelco Capital, an investment company. Canelco Capital manages two private equity funds that are investors in KPA Unicon.

“We wanted a private equity investor to provide financial and funding competence to benefit KPA Unicon’s operations as well as additional capital. Hietala is an interactive board professional, who is not afraid to voice his opinions. His broad and varied experience is apparent in everything he does,” says Kovanen.

Trust is the primary value

All activities at KPA Unicon are based on trust. Products have been continuously developed in a more environmentally friendly direction, while warranties and maintenance cover all continents. The heating plants constructed around the world during the past 30 years prove KPA Unicon’s dependability.

“Our employees form the foundation for everything we do. Our team model  gives our specialists more responsibility and freedom, which make us a dependable, efficient and quick partner to customers. Our employees challenge themselves to develop their competence. This enables us to provide world-class products.”

In a family company, employees are listened to closely. Pekka Kovanen visits the company’s offices to talk to employees. These discussions provide a true picture of how to develop the company. This also puts board work in close contact with daily operations in the field.

“Trust stems from well-being. That is why we take good care of our specialists. It is important for me that work does not carry away our employees but that they also have time for their families. For me, family is the most important thing in life, and that is why KPA Unicon will continue to be a family company in the future,” says Pekka Kovanen.