Management | Kpa Unicon

Board of Directors

The key task of the KPA Unicon Group Oy´s Board is the adoption of values and policies. The Board makes sure that the company policies are recorded and implemented. The Board by own actions ensures that the policies correspond to the company’s brand and value. The tasks of the Board also include concretization of vision, setting of key objectives and adoption of a strategy.

Our faces

Pekka Kovanen
Chairman of the Board, Teollisuusneuvos

  • KPA Unicon Oy’s founder
  • Prounicon Oy´s majority shareholder
  • Managing Director during 1990-2007.
  • Extensive experience in the field of energy technology
  • Has worked in several international companies since 1977

Pekka Hietala
Member of the Board

  • Investment Director at Canelco Capital
  • KPA Unicon Group Oy’s shareholder
  • Experienced specialist in venture capital investments
  • Board Member in several Finnish companies

Erkki Moisander
Member of the Board

  • General Director of LocalTapiola General Mutual Insurance Company since 2007
  • During 1987–1997 ´worked as Kera Oyj’s Managing Director and Vice President
  • Board Member in several Finnish companies
  • Has worked as a member of KPA Unicon Oy´s board for several years