Since 1990, KPA Unicon has been an advocate and key facilitator of the world’s transition to clean, renewable energy.

Reducing our dependence on fossil fuels was once just a dream. But through our vision, our efforts, and the cooperation of our global partners, our dream of harnessing our energy for good is quickly becoming a reality.

KPA Unicon believes that empowering others is the key to the adoption of clean energy production and usage across the globe. By encouraging and facilitating smarter, ecologically minded clean energy production practices, we enable others to become more environmentally accountable, and to be responsible stewards of our planet’s natural resources.

Today, KPA Unicon is leading the way with innovative solutions that provide a clear path to energy independence for a variety of industries, local governments, and key energy producers.

As a result, clean energy production is becoming not only more universally accepted, but also more economically feasible. By giving industries and towns, even major cities, the ability to operate more independently, efficiently, and sustainably, KPA Unicon helps them to play a more active and positive role in their local communities. Such efforts do more than create good will, they generate real economic value for the local community and improve the health and well being of people and the planet for generations to come. When we all work together toward a common goal, when we collectively harness our energy for good, our dreams become reality.