KPA Unicon took a significant leap in terms of business volume and profitability – the company is becoming an increasingly international and service-oriented energy partner

The company is becoming an increasingly international and service-oriented energy partner

The KPA Unicon Group significantly improved its business volume and profitability in 2017. The improved result was significantly affected by the growth in international projects and the threefold increase in the volume of services.

The Group will continue to develop its operations according to its strategy to serve its clients better than ever and to provide the best place to work for the best professionals in the field.

Key figures in 2017:

 Turnover EU  79,483,787.22
 Profit EUR  3,318,640.01
 Profit %  4.18
 Return on equity %  58.53
 Equity ratio %*  27.45

CEO’s review and outlook for 2018

Developing an international presence and a versatile service capacity are essential themes for KPA Unicon. “For 2017, I am particularly pleased about the growth of our service business. The volume of our service deliveries increased threefold compared to the year before. We’ll continue along this path and invite our customers to share the journey to review and measure the resource- and cost-efficiency of each energy solution as well as to jointly contemplate how to develop energy production into an increasingly cleaner, economically profitable and human-centric industry. Energy is always a local business. That is why we want to invest in each of our country organizations and make our service more local, offered in the local language, and insightful regarding local conditions”, says KPA Unicon Group CEO Teemu Koskela.

In 2018, the Group will more intensely stand by our customers in solving the energy challenges of the future by also developing new service concepts. Koskela continues: “We want to help our customers focus on their core businesses and support their business development with our expertise. Accordingly, willing to show the way, we’ve launched a new concept, Capacity as a Service which enables customers to use capacity-service contracts to invest in energy, off balance sheet.”

In addition to customer focus, we’ve defined the wellbeing and coping of our personnel as a cornerstone of the KPA Unicon strategy. “We consider our staff’s safety, wellbeing at work, coping, and positive atmosphere important focus areas of management. We’ll be paying special attention to these matters”, Koskela says.

Regarding business in 2018, it is essential for the Group to improve customer and personnel satisfaction as well as Group profitability with international sales work that is more selective and customer- and service-oriented, as well as by creating new implementation concepts that renew the rules of the market.

“In addition, we’ll be focusing on communications. We Finns have always been good at solving technical issues and making fine equipment and machinery. Communications and marketing are areas where we often need to develop. For my own part, I promise that in 2018, KPA Unicon will become a more transparent partner open to discussion and, most of all, listening”, Koskela says about the plans of the Group.

For more information:
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