Making progress

The construction of Unicon Altius 5 MWe biomass power plant for Energostatik d.o.o is progressing in Grubišno Polje, Croatia. Boiler picking, i.e. chemical treatment of the boiler, and drying by heat of masonry have been completed. Steam pipeline’s purging has just ended on the site. The first synchronization of the power plant’s turbine will be done in September, after which test runs of the plant will begin. The plant’s operating license will be received in October.

The plant is based on KPA Unicon’s Biograte combustion technology, which is a proven and reliable grate combustion technology. High-tech PlantSys system enables remote support, operation and monitoring of the plant. 14-year operation and maintenance contract will ensure the long-term operation of the power plant.

After completion of works the power plant will generate electricity to the local power grid and heat to the nearby wood processing plant. As a fuel the power plant uses wood biomass. The developer of the project is French company Akuo Energy.