KPA Unicon is currently delivering a hot water boiler plant for Alajärvi sawmill. Works started at Alajärvi in April are progressing at a good pace. Commissioning and test runs of the plant have begun this week. The plant equipped with Unicon Renefluid 12 MW boiler will produce hot water for wood drying process at Keitele Timber Oy’s sawmill in Alajärvi. The plant will use biofuels such as bark, sawdust, wood chips and peat.

The boiler plant was prefabricated at KPA Unicon’s workshops in Lapua and Kiuruvesi, Finland, from where modules were forwarded to the site. The supply is performed on a turnkey basis, including fuel handling system, fluidized bed combustion technology and flue gas system. The scope of supply also includes KPA Unicon’s own bag filter, which ensures a clean environment and air near the plant. KPA Unicon Bag Filter is a cost-effective way to efficiently filter hazardous particles out of the respiratory air. The plant is also equipped with KPA Unicon PlantSys system that enables operation, monitoring and remote support of the plant.

The boiler plant will be handed over to the customer in December 2018.