The target is to grow to 100 MEUR category.

KPA Unicon Group has developed into a global clean energy advocate and solution company. As part of its leader role, the company has invested in management culture and heading towards a self-managed team organization.  In addition, the company makes a contribution to developing of the company’s products and services to a larger size category. The company will continue along the path it has taken and strives to be the primary partner for its customers in renewable energy production.

The company enters into 2019 with a very strong order backlog to make first-class clean energy solutions for its project and service deliveries, and to find new export markets with its current customers. The target is to grow to 100 MEUR category.

As part of the strategic development, the company will make changes according to its plan. Jukka-Pekka Kovanen, 39, vice chairman of the board of directors and CEO of the company from 2007 to 2017, will return to CEO position on 1.1.2019. Teemu Koskela, 36, who has been working in the group from 2014, and as the company’s CEO in 2018, will continue as deputy CEO of the company. The primary role of Mr. Koskela is to develop the company’s customership and customer service supporting team work, as well as to create new internationally scalable business concepts.

On January 1, 2019 Markku Mänki, 56, starts at KPA Unicon as a second deputy CEO and a member of the management board. He will be responsible for managing the Group’s business operations of continuing services and for operations related to manufacturing, operation and maintenance. Mänki is a graduate engineer and has previously worked as CEO of Aurajoki Oy and Hollming Works Oy.

The company’s most important resource is its skilled and motivated staff. KPA Unicon thanks its staff for strong contribution in 2018 and promises to continue development work related to wellbeing and management of staff. The work done by KPA Unicon teams is extremely important in order that societies and businesses can reduce the environmental load of their energy production.

With a strong order backlog KPA Unicon will recruit a number of new professionals to the responsible project, design and marketing tasks in Finland and other country companies. The company’s goal is to ensure the best operational conditions for its teams and to be the best workplace for passionate, empathetic and environmental-conscious professionals in each country.