E.ON Värme Sverige

E.ON Värme Sverige and KPA Unicon have signed a contract for delivery of Unicon WT70 bioenergy plant with a capacity of 70 MW. The plant will be used as peak load and backup plant in Norrköping Ingelsta, Sweden, and will replace the existing oil-fired plant. The next option is another 70 MW boiler and pellet system. The plant will be handed over to the customer in the beginning of year 2022.

Advanced technology solution allows to burn up to six different fuel types, four of which are different types of liquid biofuels, in addition the plant is capable to burn wood pellets and light fuel oil as a reserve fuel. This provides the necessary flexibility and security of energy supply using currently the best available fuels.

The delivery includes Unicon WT70 boiler island with equipment, automation, nitrogen oxide purification (SNCR) and particle cleaning system (bag filter), and a stack. The plant’s emissions are monitored by continuous measurement and advanced flue gas cleaning systems ensure the plant’s environmental friendliness. The plant must meet the most stringent emission requirements. The customer is responsible for earth and foundation works as well as for the building. In the construction of the plant, special attention will be paid not only to the climate, but also to other environmental impacts, such as noise abatement.

“We are pleased with E.ON’s confidence in the selection of KPA Unicon Oy multifuel plant in this size range. Our solution replaces a significant amount of fossil fuel considering strict environmental requirements. The interest in our solutions has increased in Sweden and we want to offer our neighbors BAT technology, Finnish quality”, says Timo Valkeinen, Account Director, Scandinavia, KPA Unicon.