Come and experience it for yourself at the Teknologia 19 technology event

The leading technology event in the Nordic Countries will be held at the Helsinki Exhibition Center from 5th to 7th November 2019. We at KPA Unicon will be participating at booth 7e149.

The theme of Teknologia 19 is Human, Responsibility and Technology. The exhibition is divided into different focus areas by field of technology: automation, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics, mechanical engineering and engineering, robotics, ICT, and maintenance. Our booth falls under ‘maintenance’.

At the event, we will be introducing PlantSys, our digital service platform. This year marks 10 years since we launched the platform’s product development.

A truly secure control system that enables remote access has grown into a comprehensive, modern and modular digital service platform that makes the Industrial Internet a part of everyday life in the energy industry.

“In ten years, we have developed a consumer-level user experience for industrial applications. We guide users and decision-makers on how to run their plants safely and cost-effectively, and we extend the lifespan of the energy solutions. In the near future, all this will be even more accurate through machine learning and artificial intelligence,” says Joni Räsänen of KPA Unicon Ltd.

In addition to the day-to-day operation of the plant, reporting, maintenance and material flows can now also be managed through the PlantSys platform.

“With continuous optimization and understanding, significant cost savings can be achieved through fuels and timely maintenance,” continues Räsänen.

The new modules are completely browser-based and can be accessed from any device. All four modules can be delivered together or separately.

The platform is built to be open, and the development tools are free. The technical solution is very flexible, which makes it feasible for almost any plant. In addition, due to its wide connectivity, the entire plant and the surrounding devices controlled by the customer can be connected to the same system. The cost-effective delivery method enables the introduction of new technology in companies of all sizes. PlantSys is already used worldwide in 12 countries.


“PlantSys is a product that comes standard with basic functionality and an easy-to-use interface, so we do not need to build these basics for every project. Modules are easy to adopt and quick to deploy. This will also give smaller companies access to modern tools that would have otherwise been economically unfeasible for them to invest in.”