KPA Unicon will supply Unicon Biograte bioplant for Kemin Energia ja Vesi Oy. Construction of the plant has begun in the industrial area of Karjalahti in Kemi, Finland in the fall 2019. The commissioning of the plant will be by spring 2021.

The plant will provide district heating for the area of Kemi and will act as a main heating plant together with an existing powerplant during summer and winter periods. The main fuel of the plant will be local woodchips as and also the use of other wood-based biomasses will be taken into account.

The delivery contains equipment for solid fuel handling, a Biograte 18 MW boiler with accessories, electric- and automation systems, flue gas cleaning- and heat recovery systems, installation and commissioning. The operating efficiency of the plant will be increased considerably by installing a 5 MW flue gas cleaning system, that recovers extra heat energy from the flue gas.

A 2-year maintenance agreement for the plant was also signed at the same time. The agreement allows the customer to focus on its core business while KPA Unicon is in charge of the plant maintenance.

“During contract negotiations we were impressed by KPA Unicon’s expertise, domestic concept and good references. When the new heating plant is completed, the carbon dioxide emissions of our heat production will be reduced to one-third of the current level, due to replacement of peat with wood fuels. Our financier also appreciated the energy efficiency and positive environmental impact of our project, as we received a loan for the heating plant as green financing,” says Anne Salo-oja, CEO of Kemin Energia ja Vesi Oy.

“It is an honor to be able to implement Kemi’s new clean energy solution using local fuels. We are also delighted of the maintenance agreement,” says Jukka-Pekka Kovanen, CEO of KPA Unicon.