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KPA Unicon and Keravan Lämpövoima Oy, a subsidiary of Keravan Energia and an operator of a bio-power plant, have signed a contract for Unicon Condenser.

Unicon Condenser will significantly improve energy efficiency of the existing 80 MW bio-power plant and reduce emissions from the power plant. The flue gas condenser and its auxiliaries will be installed in late 2020 and the project will be handed over in the spring of 2021.

In addition to the flue gas condenser of the most advances technology the delivery includes process equipment building, new stack, emission measurement equipment and water treatment plant. The flue gas condenser recovers waste heat from flue gases and clears flue gases from pollutants such as particulate and sulphur emissions.

Although the bio-power plant in Kerava, Finland already utilizes renewable, carbon-neutral fuels in the form of various wood biomasses, this investment in waste heat recovery will reduce the amount of biomass burned at the power plant and thus reduce the environmental impact of energy production and bring savings to the plant’s economy. The production costs are also reduced by utilization of condensate from flue gas condenser for the power plant’s make-up water production, which will reduce the consumption of raw water at power generation.

“The procurement of the flue gas condenser is one step towards our strategy of zero CO2 emissions in energy production. We invest in domestic renewable fuels, and we are determined to eliminate fossil fuels – natural gas and peat. We are also investigating other options for waste heat recovery,” says Jussi Lehto, Managing Director of Keravan Energia.

“The flue gas condenser in Kerava bio-power plant is a fine example of an energy efficiency investment made possible by modern technology that saves both our living environment and money. As a result of the new flue gas condenser, flue gases from the bio-power plant formerly above 100 °C will be condensed to about 50 °C, utilizing waste heat for district heat production. At the same time, ash and other residues will be washed away from flue gases. The flue gas condenser is also an investment in the clean environment of Kerava,” says Teemu Koskela, Executive Vice President of KPA Unicon.

Keravan Energia is a Finnish energy company established in 1906 and operating throughout Finland. In addition to electricity and heat, our range includes solar panel and electronic traffic solutions. We invest in a diverse energy mix; we use domestic renewable biofuel in our production, we have invested in wind and solar power and we are involved in nuclear projects. In 2019, the Group had a turnover of approximately EUR 65.5 million. The number of employees is 73. 

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