Financial statement

KPA Unicon Group’s turnover and result improved significantly in 2019 compared with the previous period. The positive profit trend is a result of strategic choices and development of operations in the changing energy sector. The year 2019 was busy and the order volume remained at a good level. The most significant new deliveries at the end of the year were to the Nordic countries, as well as to a new market area – New Zealand, together with a large European customer.

The company’s return on equity for the parent company KPA Unicon Group Oy was 9.1%.

Review of the previous year and prospects for the current year

During the financial year, the Group’s key strategic measures were implemented, including updating the operating instructions and plant information for the delivered plants as part of the PlantSys service platform. Based on digitized information, KPA Unicon has improved capacity to provide existing customers with better information on preventive maintenance, optimization and extension of life-spans of plants. Another key strategic project was related to the development of the company’s processes. The focus will continue on the agility of the company, the self-management of the teams and the quality of operations. KPA Unicon team model

Over the past year, KPA Unicon has invested significantly in product development. The development has been carried out in particular to advance fluidized bed technology on a larger scale boilers, in the field of emission reduction technologies, in the development of PlantSys and digital control systems, in the use of recovered fuels and in the establishment of internationalization and financial models. Release on development projects

The Group draws attention to minimizing environmental impact in both manufacturing and installation operations. In addition, in the Group’s operation and maintenance services, energy efficiency is one of the indicators agreed with customers, which in turn contributes to environmentally friendly operations. Moreover, the Group is in the process of further developing and certifying the ISO 14000 environmental system. Regarding the environmental friendliness of customer solutions, the products and services provided by the Group enable cleaner energy production. KPA Unicon Group’s products represent BAT (Best Available Technology) that save fuel and produce less emissions than so-called traditional technologies. HSEQ Policy

This year the Group will continue to build profitable business growth through more decisive and selective market development based on carefully selected target markets. In addition, the company invests in more precise control of customer service and quality system processes. The main focus of the strategy period remains on continuing internationalization, especially with the development of the Swedish market. In addition to the above, particular emphasis will continue to be placed on the utilization of recovered fuels and the utilization of artificial intelligence as part of energy production.

KPA Unicon has grown into a strong, global player in the industry, with significant expertise in the field of clean energy production and, above all, in decentralized energy production utilizing bio fuels and waste streams from circular economy. Our solutions work well alongside with other forms of renewable energy production.


The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on KPA Unicon’s business is likely to be limited. However, the Group has prepared for cash flow disruptions due to possible delays in plant projects by increasing the Group’s working capital limits in cooperation with the Group’s financiers.