Open position

A front runner in clean energy, KPA Unicon designs, constructs, and supplies heating and power plants around the world. The Finnish family company also provides operation and maintenance services, in addition to being a co-owner of some of the plants.

“During our 30 years in business, we have become a globally recognized turnkey supplier of boiler plants. Our revenue and head count have grown hand in hand with our projects,” says Olli-Pekka Aarnio, Sales Manager at KPA Unicon.

KPA Unicon has strong project management capabilities for building turnkey projects globally. The company has its own combustion and boiler technologies for different fuels, which serve as core equipment in KPA Unicon’s boiler and power plants. KPA Unicon has the capability to provide boiler plant and power plant solutions that utilize the following fuels: biomasses, waste fuels, traditional liquid, as well as gaseous fuels and waste gases.

Aarnio and Mikko Marttala, CFO of KPA Unicon, now seek to partner with a company that has ample global networks and good connections with large actors in the steel industry. The partner will function as a sales agent, organizing meetings for KPA Unicon and the management of large steelworks around the world. Similar agents have been used in connection with power companies and the forest industry, and the experiences have been good.

“The sales agent can be, for example, a representative of a device supplier that sells components to steelworks. The main point is to establish good, direct contacts with the key persons at steelworks. The company we are looking for may already have agents and sales personnel in different countries. Location is not important and expertise in energy technology is not required. It is enough that the company understands the operations of steelworks,” says Mikko Marttala, CFO of KPA Unicon.

ArcelorMittal vouches for our competence

The sales agent’s work is made a great deal easier by KPA Unicon’s successful implementation of three large, well-known projects for ArcelorMittal. ArcelorMittal’s steelworks in Zenica, Bosnia Herzegovina, offers an example of the scope of the projects.

“The sales agent opens doors for us to steelworks around the world. We will provide comprehensive reference and presentation material about our operations. As a sales agent, you set up a meeting with key personnel and perhaps make the introductions during our first meeting. We will handle the rest of the project, and you will receive a commission for the work performed,” explains Olli-Pekka Aarnio.

KPA Unicon is an agile and quick actor. The family-owned business succeeded in its internationalization by pruning unnecessary bureaucracy that slowed down its operations. Aarnio, Marttala, and KPA Unicon’s other experts will follow the same principle to support and cooperate with the future sales agent.

“We will help the sales agent the best we can. We will draw up the plan together and provide all the necessary material. The agent can then proceed independently. We will offer support, if needed, but we are not interested in micro management. When the agent gets things rolling, we will be there straight away,” Mikko Marttala assures.

Let’s work together

Please call Olli-Pekka Aarnio, Sales Manager at KPA Unicon, if you would like to cooperate with a globally recognized and growing operator in clean energy. KPA Unicon has proven technologies for the utilization of steelworks’ waste gases in boiler and power plants and a successful track record of references in such projects.

“We do not push paper, but engage in active work. If you have the same spirit and passion, don’t hesitate to call me. Let’s set up a remote meeting and start working together,” Olli-Pekka Aarnio urges.