with Unicon Renefluid boiler

KPA Unicon will supply UAB Axis Tech with a Renefluid biomass boiler in Lublin, Poland. The boiler has a capacity of 45 MW and uses various biomasses and agro-fuels for fuel. The boiler is part of a power plant delivery to the Megatem EC-Lublin project, which will generate 12 MWe of electricity for the grid and 40 MW of district heating with a flue gas condenser. The plant will replace approximately 1,000 TWh of electricity generated by coal over 15 years and reduce 166,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

“This is a great expression of trust from UAB Axis Technologies, with whom we have already collaborated on several different projects. This is our joint project with Axis, where both parties will be able to show their best capabilities in the field of renewable energy technology. In such international deliveries, it is great to see how Finnish energy technology know-how is valued in the world”, says Ilkka Linnas, Project Manager at KPA Unicon.

Unicon Renefluid is based on bubbling fluidized bed combustion technology, which combines the highest efficiency on the market, low operating costs, a very wide range of fuels and fast load change capability. Unicon Renefluid boilers have already been delivered to almost 100 destinations around the world. The boiler will be manufactured at KPA Unicon’s Lapua workshop in Finland and the degree of Finnish content will be very high in this delivery.

“The Unicon Renefluid boiler is an environmentally friendly solution and enhances the efficiency of existing energy production systems. This is a great choice for low-cost renewable fuels with a wide range of moisture and calorific values. We are happy to be chosen as the supplier in this project”, says Arttu Laitinen, Sales Director, KPA Unicon.

“Our extensive experience and cooperation with KPA Unicon have led to successful projects in Alytaus šiluma (Lithuania) 5.4 MWe CHP, Riga Siltums (Latvia) 25 MW hot water boiler house and AuraGen Tallinn (Estonia) 21 MWe CHP, says Rolandas Labunskas, Project manager, Axis Tech.

“As KPA Unicon and Axis Tech are producing clean and sustainable energy solutions for cities and businesses, we do believe this partnership will create synergy and contribute to communities for safer environment”, continue Labunskas.

Axis Tech UAB

AXIS Tech is one of the leading biomass energy and engineering companies in Northern Europe with proven expertise in burning bio fuels in up to 30 MW. Axis Tech build boiler houses for heat and power production all over Europe. Axis Tech also design and manufacture customized equipment with metal structures for different industries.