KPA Unicon Store opens on January 4, 2021

KPA Unicon opens an online store on Monday 4th of January 2021 and make spare parts and services for energy solutions easily available to customers.

“The online store allows the customer to easily order spare parts and check the availability of products around the clock. In addition, the customer has the opportunity to follow the order placed in the online store until delivery,” says Anna Korhonen who has acted as a Project Manager of the online store.

In addition to spare parts, the KPA Unicon Store – online store offers a wide range of digital, maintenance, and lifecycle services. In the online store, the customer can get acquainted with the contents of services and the service range. Contacting is easy and effortless for the customer.

“We want to continuously develop the industry and opening up an online store is a new step in delivering clean energy solutions. We serve customers around the world and this is how we ensure the operation of energy solutions regardless of time and place,” continues Joni Räsänen, Digital Director, KPA Unicon.