Now you can purchase spare parts and services also online

KPA Unicon’s online store will make spare parts and services for energy solutions easily available to customers, regardless of time or location. The store will serve customers worldwide.

The opening of the online store is a new step for KPA Unicon in delivering clean energy solutions. This kind of online shop is still rare in the energy sector.

“We strive to develop the market with new ideas and lead the discussion. Customer feedback has also been at the center of our development. We want to offer our customers the best customer experience and show that our operations are truly transparent,” says Joni Räsänen, Digital Director at KPA Unicon.

Currently, in addition to grate spare parts, the online store offers a wide range of maintenance and lifecycle services, as well as various digital services based on PlantSys, KPA Unicon’s digital service platform. In the online store, the customer can get acquainted with the contents of services and the service range.

The prices of products and services and the availability of stock are published for the public to view without having to log in. In addition, the customer has the opportunity to follow the order placed in the online store until delivery. Making contact is easy and effortless for the customer.

“We have packaged services and spare parts into separate entities, and the supply chain is also clear and straightforward. In this way, we serve existing and new customers through an easy digital order channel,” says Anna Korhonen, who acted as the Project Manager of the online store.

Customers are involved in development work

According to Räsänen, KPA Unicon’s spare parts and services business currently focuses on newer deliveries and Finland. A purpose of the online store is to activate the existing customer base in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and Russia, and to strengthen the Swedish market in particular.

The spare parts selection in the online store has initially been intended for a limited target group but will already be expanded upon during the spring.

“We are constantly developing the store and increasing the supply of spare parts and services there to reach our ever-growing number of customers,” says Räsänen.

KPA Unicon’s customer service teams, together with warehousing and logistics operations, are responsible for the delivery of spare parts and services. Customer care will continue to serve all customers by phone and email, too.

“We encourage our customers to actively participate in the development of the online store and to take advantage of the opportunities brought about by the e-shop. For instance, our customers can order products exactly when it suits them best,” Korhonen explains.