Green district heating for almost 100,000 inhabitants.

The Danish company DIN Forsyning and KPA Unicon have signed a contract for the turnkey delivery of a district heating plant in Esbjerg, Denmark. The combined capacity of the Unicon Renefluid bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) and the Unicon Condenser flue gas scrubber will be 60 MW. The boiler plant will produce heat for the local district heating network for nearly 100 000 inhabitants and will use wood chips as fuel. The plant will start its operation in January 2023.

The boiler plant will be located in the port area of Esbjerg. The plant delivered by KPA Unicon is a significant part of a bigger plan, where three de-centralized heat production units are planned to be constructed to the same site for the purpose of replacing the existing coal-fired power plant. DIN Forsyning’s strategic goal is to utilize only fossil free fuels by year 2030 and Unicon Renefluid boiler plant is an important step to reach the set target.

”The local Combined Heat and Power station (CHP) is to be shut down in April 2023 and DIN Forsyning is obliged to find an environmentally sustainable replacement for up to 350 MW of district heating, we received from the CHP. We are pleased to have signed the contract for the boiler plant from KPA Unicon. We will use their expertise in this important process of replacing coal with a greener alternative,” says Kenneth Jørgensen, Leading Project Director in DIN Forsyning.

“It is great that we will deliver our first plant to Denmarks and thus be involved in taking the country towards a carbon-neutral future. The plant will be the best available technology in terms of efficiency, emissions and availability. The long service agreement is also very well in line with our development in the Scandinavian market area,” says Ada Herranen, Project Development Manager, KPA Unicon.

The delivery is extensive, including the Unicon Renefluid boiler with its main equipment, water treatment plant, fuel and ash handling equipment. The supplied Unicon Condenser flue gas scrubber enables high plant efficiency. The customer emphasizes the importance of zero discharge of wastewater and the plant will be designed to fulfill the request. Local emissions from the plant, such as dust, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, are very low thanks to the supplied bag filter and SCR equipment.

Stable and secure remote operation of the plant is enabled on KPA Unicon’s PlantSys digital service platform. In addition, a five-year maintenance agreement has been signed with the customer, which covers 24/7 technical support and annual maintenance of the plant. The customer will be responsible for the plant building and the fuel storage.