Our job is not only to keep your facility running, but to keep it running as productively and cost-effectively as possible.

Summer is coming and it’s time to book the plant’s summer maintenance. Summer maintenance can be ordered effortlessly from the KPA Unicon Store -online store from here or by contacting us.

We opened the online store at the beginning of the year and brought (Unicon Biograte and Unicon Renegrate) spare parts and service solutions closer to the customer. Ordering and contacting from the online store is effortless. We are constantly developing and exporting our online store. We hope that it will serve the customers with the best possible means in the future.

Summer service planning checklist:

  1. Service history and service plans. Familiarize the previous year’s maintenance shutdown reports and their observations, other previous maintenance plans and observations made during operation. Plan a future maintenance shutdown based on these. We are happy to participate the planning in advance together with you.
  2.  Arrange resources and schedules. The busiest maintenance season of the summer begins at the end of May and ends at the beginning of October. The earlier you are on the move, the more flexible we will be able to offer our services. You can choose the necessary maintenance services from our completed service packages or, if necessary, we will tailor the maintenance together according to your needs. As an additional service, we also help you determine the need for maintenance.
  3. Spare parts and other necessary materials. Pay attention to the materials and spare parts required for maintenance. Critical spare parts can be found in our warehouse, and according to the agreement, we will also supply everything else necessary. Spare parts for Unicon Biograte and Unicon Renegrate can be ordered effortlessly from the online store.
  4. Book ancillary services for the maintenance shutdown. Order cleaning and sweeping services, scaffolding and pressure equipment inspections in good time. Make special arrangements for fuel deliveries during the stop. Pay also attention to noise notifications and other necessary information.
  5. Lay the groundwork for the next summer’s maintenance shutdown. Agree on high-quality maintenance reporting and prepare for a safe driving season. Good groundwork also helps to prepare for longer-term development needs, such as modernization and emission control.