Remote and artificial intelligence based PlantSys® as a maintenance system for Imatran Lämpö´s ten boiler plants.

Imatran Lämpö produces and supplies district heat and distributes natural gas and biogas in the city of Imatra, Finland, through its ten boiler plants. In 2016, Imatran Lämpö commissioned KPA Unicon’s bio boiler plant, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions. To develop operations, Imatran Lämpö wanted to increase the efficiency of maintenance practices at energy plants and further facilitate maintenance operations.

Imatra Lämpö turned to KPA Unicon, their long-term service partner, who can provide a SaaS-based PlantSys Maintenance system. The system is suitable for energy and service companies. All maintenance sites are registered in the system and maintenance records are kept for all Imatran Lämpö plants.

A maintenance system tailored to energy companies brings synergies

Imatran Lämpö ended up choosing PlantSys as its new system. The digitized maintenance process helps to execute maintenance programs accurately, resulting in unexpected failure situations and improved usability. When plant equipment is electronically documented and maintenance programs are defined in work instructions, more time is left to perform the maintenance work itself.

“The usability of PlantSys is better than of the previous system. Also, we have a power plant maintenance agreement with KPA Unicon. The PlantSys Maintenance system fits to the big picture well and increases synergy. Even the best maintenance system is not good, if it is not used”, says Turo Valkama, Operations Manager, Imatran Lämpö Oy.

Easy to set up and use

PlantSys Maintenance is an agile maintenance system. The system documents the plant’s equipment and manages field work. Users can register all maintenance sites and keep their own maintenance records for all plants and factories. KPA Unicon supports the customer during the PlantSys commissioning.

“The commissioning required a surprisingly short time from us and KPA Unicon is aware of the bio-boiler plant complex it has delivered. This makes commissioning easier compared to supplier of the maintenance systems, who does not have detailed information about the boilers, but the system would be a general system for all maintenance,” Valkama continues.

The cloud service ensures that the program is always updated

The benefits of a modern SaaS services are immediately visible, as the latest version of the system is always in use. The active development of the system will ensure that it fits the needs of the energy plant also in the future. The maintenance staff of Imatran Lämpö has welcomed the system cheerfully and the use of the system has started smoothly.

“We have been cooperating with Imatran Lämpö for a long time through traditional maintenance and service activities. Continued cooperation with the new maintenance system is a testament to our strong expertise in digital services in addition to traditional maintenance and service operations”, rejoices KPA Unicon’s Digital Director Joni Räsänen.

“Ready-made maintenance and safety instructions can also be found in the PlantSys Maintenance system, which is an advantage when you don’t have to rewrite everything. KPA Unicon’s team was able to respond to development needs and small changes quite quickly,” Valkama praises the cooperation.

Background information on the PlantSys Maintenance system

The PlantSys Maintenance System is part of an agile and cost-effective digital service platform from which customers can choose the modules best suited to their needs. The system is delivered from the cloud service, so it is always available where there is an internet connection, and it also works on the latest mobile devices.

The benefits of the system include:

  • Always up-to-date information available to everyone
  • Designed for power and boiler plants
  • Quick and easy commissioning
  • Clear pricing, no long commitments

Read more about the system from here and online store.

PlantSys Operations is a fully remote control room solution that can take the digitalization of your plant to the next level together with other PlantSys modules.

PlantSys Maintenance is an agile maintenance system. The system documents the plant’s equipment and manages field work. The system is suitable for both energy and service companies.

PlantSys Reporting is a reporting system designed for boiler and power plants. In addition to traditional time series and production reports, the system offers completely new artificial intelligence-based functions such as optimal combustion monitoring or equipment condition monitoring.

PlantSys Material Flows is a service that manages fuel and other material flows. By recording the results of the fuel moisture measurements, the evolution of the spent fuel can be monitored and it is ensured that the energy content of the received fuels meets the requirements.

PlantSys Diary is a service that allows you to quickly record the smallest notes, even using a mobile device directly from the field. Designed primarily to replace manual plan table booklets and files. The entries are visible to all users.