KPA Unicon modernizes the existing bio boiler plant of the Swedish Katrinefors Kraftvärme Ab’s to meet today's technology.

The modernization will be done to the 37 MW bio boiler that was originally delivered in 2002 by third party and is based on KPA Unicon’s fluidized bed technology. The technology and the modernization have significant impacts on the plant’s fuel flexibility and usability. The work will be completed in autumn 2022.

The KPA Unicon’s delivery includes the modernization of the old boiler’s fluidized bed, renewal of the bottom ash removal system, starter, and load burners as well as circulating gas system. Katinefors Kraftvärme Ab’s plant is already equipped with a Unicon Reneflex 28 MW boiler, supplied by KPA Unicon in 2015. The bio plant produces steam for the local paper mill and district heating for the city of Katrinefors. The plant uses recycled wood and paper mill sludge as fuel.

“When we made the decision to update the boiler after 20 years of operation, we compared the current technology to the boiler which KPA Unicon delivered in 2015 and its operating experience. The goal of the redevelopment is to achieve the same high usability that we have on the Reneflex boiler with better environmental performance”, says Johan Nilsson, Managing Director, Katrinefors Kraffvärme AB.

“The old boiler will be renovated to meet today’s criteria. This will significantly increase the usability of the plant. The benefits of modernization include environmental efficiency, a longer life cycle and improved reliability”, says Jukka-Pekka Kovanen, Managing Director of KPA Unicon.

For more information:

Johan Nilsson, Managing Director, Katrinefors Kraftvärme AB, tel:+46501393432,

Jukka-Pekka Kovanen, Managing Director, KPA Unicon, tel:+358405116234,


Katrinefors Kraftvärme Ab

Katrinefors Kraftvärme is an environmentally friendly energy producer located in the centre of Mariestad, Sweden. We produce district heat for VänerEnergi AB, Mariestad’s district heating supplier, and steam for Metsä Tissue AB’s paper production.