Kuhmon Lämpö Oy and KPA Unicon have signed a contract for a delivery of a bio boiler plant to Kuhmo, Finland

The Unicon Renefluid (15MW) bio plant will produce heat for the residents of the city of Kuhmo and Kuhmo Oy’s sawmill. The plant will use bark, sawdust, and wood chips as fuel.

The commissioning of the district heating bio boiler plant will take place in autumn 2023. The plant will be delivered as a turnkey solution that includes, in addition to the environmentally friendly Unicon Renefluid fluidized bed boiler, electrical and automation, a modular boiler building, and fuel handling.

The bio boiler plant also includes KPA Unicon’s own Bag filter, which ensures that the plant’s emissions are clean and the air quality in the surrounding area remains good. Bag Filter is a cost-effective way to effectively filter out hazardous particles from the air.

The plant will be equipped with KPA Unicon’s PlantSys digital service platform and the plant will have a secure remote control room system (PlantSys Operation) as well as a digital operating log (PlantSys Diary) and a reporting system (PlantSys Reporting). The modern system is supported for years to come. During the warranty period, the plant is optimized and monitored with the help of artificial intelligence, so that even the smallest possible problems are noticed immediately. Extensive reporting covers production, consumption, and emissions reporting.

“The boiler investment will enable an increase in the production capacity of Kuhmo Oy’s sawmill and the expansion of the district heating network in the city of Kuhmo. The increase in heat production is both technically and logistically environmentally friendly and energy efficient, as the biomass used in the plant comes from a sawmill on the same site. The boiler investment will also improve the security of district heating supply and maintenance planning in the future”, says Janne Heikkinen, Managing Director, Kuhmon Lämpö Oy.

“Together with Kuhmon Lämpö Oy, we get a well-designed entity that will complement Kuhmon Lämpö Oy’s district heating and sawmill’s heat production by utilizing the sawmill’s by-products as biomass. Bag filter, on the other hand, ensures the cleaner environment and better air quality”, says Jukka-Pekka Kovanen, Managing Director, KPA Unicon.

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Janne Heikkinen, Managing Director, Kuhmon Lämpö Oy, tel:+358401809266,

Jukka-Pekka Kovanen, Managing Director, KPA Unicon, tel:+358405116234,

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