Promoting circular economy

Maximizing the use of renewable energy sources and efficiency of energy production

Through our operations and solutions, we promote environmentally friendly and sustainable energy production, as well as circular economy. For us, promoting circular economy consists of two things: replacing fossil fuels by promoting the use of renewable energy sources and continuously improving the efficient use of energy sources.

The energy production plants we produce utilize renewable energy sources, mainly bio-based fuels and recovered fuels in solid, liquid, and gaseous forms.

However, it does not always make sense to build new, which is why we are helping energy producers to switch to more sustainable energy production by renewing old energy production facilities and providing services that extend their lifespan. By helping our customers with emission control by modernizing the old and promoting the longevity of plants, we can contribute to reducing emissions from energy production globally and bettering the quality of life of communities locally. The use of renewable energy sources is not enough for us. We are constantly working to make energy production more efficient by developing our digital solutions to ensure maximized efficiency, performance, and usability of energy production plants.

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