Utilising renewable and sustainable local fuels.

We may be known for our commitment to clean energy production, but our first commitment is to our customers. We provide tailor-made solutions based on our customers’ unique needs. We’re proud to say that we don’t just sell products. We engineer the best solutions for our customers and then build them in our own factory. And we stand behind our work for the life of the product which can be up to 25 years or longer. We have decades of experience and the engineering expertise to see every project through to its completion, with minimal downtime for our customers, whether you need a single boiler or a full, turnkey complete boiler plant solution. Clean energy solutions are making everyone’s future brighter and KPA Unicon will continue to lead the way.

Reduce emissions. Improve efficiency. Talk about a win-win.

No wonder they call it the circular economy.

Keeping good energy in the neighborhood.

A biomass solution that checks every box.

Landfills don’t have to be the end of the line.

A new idea for old boilers.

Better for people, the environment – and for business.