Reduce emissions. Improve efficiency. Talk about a win-win.

Clean, efficient and reliable utilisation of low-cost fuels.

Unicon Renefluid boiler plant is a solution for district heat and process steam production or power generation under exceptionally varying load conditions. Renefluid – a Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) combustion technology developed for solid fuels – can help you cut emissions and enhance the efficiency of existing energy production systems.

Renefluid boiler and power plants provide reliable burning of low-cost fuels and fuels with a wide spectrum of humidity and calorific value. They are cleaner, more efficient and can provide up to 60 MW output. They’re also flexible and can handle a variety of fuel sources, including wood chips, bark, sawdust, peat,  forest residues, pellet, briquettes, agro fuels, landscape residues and industrial excess fuel.

Renefluid boiler island solutions are designed for sustainable and low cost energy generation, focusing on flexible utilization of local renewable fuels as well as innovative technologies and lifetime services.

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