A new idea for old boilers.

Who says clean energy solutions aren’t cost-effective?

Aging boilers present the perfect opportunity for businesses to move toward a more sustainable clean energy solution. Used as both a base or back-up plant, a high-efficiency Unicon Bioliquid boiler plant can generate superheated steam for electricity production and hot water and steam for on-site industrial processes.

Unicon Bioliquid boiler plants are remarkably better for the environment, and our health, because they utilize cleaner-burning renewable biofuels. But they are also better for your bottom line considering the cost of emissions will continue to increase over time.

A variety of renewable biofuels can be used in Unicon Bioliquid boiler plants, including a variety of bio oils and oil-type biofuels, and also light and heavy fuel oils as a start-up and backup fuel. And the boiler can be optimized according to each renewable fuel’s requirements.

A Unicon Bioliquid boiler isn’t that technically different from a traditional boiler which has a similar burner. But because it utilizes biofuels it does require special technical know-how. That’s where our expertise and experience distinguish us from our competitors, especially the more common bulk natural gas product suppliers. At KPA Unicon we have been engineering and building clean energy solutions in our own factory here in Finland since 1990. We proudly stand behind our solutions, products, craftsmanship and project management skills.

From sales assistance to installation to maintenance, we take care of the tiniest of details so you don’t have to. And speaking of installation, we have perfected our process, ensuring that downtime will be kept to a minimum.

A Unicon Bioliquid boiler plant is a cost-effective, long-term sustainable energy solution that is better for the planet and for your business. Your new biofuel boiler plant will be much more efficient and you will be able to generate superheated steam for electricity production and hot water and steam for industrial processes. Plus you will reduce greenhouse gases, minimizing the negative impact they have on the environment. Maybe it’s time you put good energy to use for your company?

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