Some say we need bigger brains to solve the world’s energy problems. So we built one.

PlantSys® was designed to remotely operate and support an automated boiler plant environment. Our innovative digital platform guarantees efficient and secure plant operation. It enables KPA Unicon to provide 24/7 services, and gives plant operators the data they need to make better decisions. By utilizing artificial intelligence, PlantSys® provides substantial real-time predictive analytics and guidance to manage and enhance a plant’s overall efficiency. Pretty smart, eh?

Remote plant monitoring and control system

PlantSys Operation offers a visual and user-friendly interface for your plant.

We wanted to make the display of facilities easy to read and understand using measuring values, colors and animations.

The user can access detailed information about any device, such as setting alerts, trends of the device, automation control and measurements.

PlantSys Operation is a reliable SCADA software designed in Finland and easy remote access has been the foundation of our design principles. The software can be used simultaneously from several locations.

Main features

  • User friendly, expandable and open platform, that is adaptable to all clean energy solutions of different sizes.
  • Information available in real time for trends, alerts and measurements.
  • Unlimited amount of measuring- and control points, with wide support for facility automation. Over 150 supported systems.
  • Based on reliable mobile technology – a continuously developing platform, that is used worldwide.
  • Alarm threshold values and alarm messages are configurable. All alarms are recorded, and they can be used for hyper tuning of the plant.

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Plant metrics always available whenever you need them

The devices generate an infinite amount of information.
PlantSys Reporting helps you find the most essential bits
of information, alongside the main required values.

The program summarizes all information, enabling the user
to stay up to date with just a quick glance. All information is
available in real time for deeper analyzing.
PlantSys Reporting is available over the internet, secure,
and accessible on any device. The user can access all the
information gathered during the use of the clean energy solution.

The reporting service displays all key information in hourly
averages. In addition, the system displays measuring data
by the minute.

Main features

  • Fast and easy to deploy almost on every plant at reasonable cost.
  • Every minute full snapshot of the monitored plant is stored and accessible by the user.
  • Predefined dashboards for most common scenarios like production and emission follow-up.
  • Custom dashboards can be easily made by on-demand.
  • Table presentation for numerical data and easy exporting to external tools.

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Intelligent and predictive maintenance in mobile

Better availability, lower costs.

Our digitalized maintenance process helps to perform all maintenance programs punctually, eliminating most surprising error situations and improving the usability. Documenting the devices and pre-setting the maintenance program with instructions leaves more time for the actual maintenance of the devices.

Displaying the most essential devices and calculating the life span of each device adds transparency to any potential issues.

The numbers displayed of maintenance and usability are based on the actions performed and provide a realistic image of the life span of the solutions.

Main features

  • The device card-index organizes information, history and the attachments into one controllable life span.
  • Every party has real time access to the same data.
  • The maintenance programs are based on either time or use. Efficient work planning and previously determined instructions ensure high quality working.
  • Work orders are formed based on the demand, and with the help of work-queues and -groups the user can easily control resourcing.
  • Figures of usability based on work performance as well as breaks in operation.

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Digitalized material supply chain handling

Follow and control material flow straight from your own
smart device.

Save incoming fuel batches and book outgoing materials. Our intuitive mobile platform ensures easy usability, even from inside the trucks.
Incoming and outgoing batches can be registered into the system without leaving the truck.
Using Reporting you ensure that the fuel being received is according to agreement regarding its energy content.

Main features

  • Guided registering of the materials ensures correct information.
  • The program can be integrated into the automation of the plant, enabling automation of the gates and guiding the driver to the fuel depot.
  • Weight of the material is displayed in real time on the screen of your smart device.

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Want to learn more?
Hyvinkään Lämpövoima harness artificial intelligence to work

Hyvinkään Lämpövoima and KPA Unicon have agreed on a co-operation on condition monitoring based on real-time artificial intelligence (AI).

Hyvinkään Lämpövoima has more than 1,900 district heating connections, which heat more than 12,000 homes in Hyvinkää, Finland. More than 35,000 people live in these homes.

In the coming heating season, the AI of PlantSys® digital service platform will be monitoring Hyvinkään Lämpövoima´s bioheat plant in Veikkari without interruption. KPA Unicon has delivered the plant in 2015. The AI co-operation project has started in autumn 2021.

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18 energy plants under one reporting system

Oulun Seudun Sähkö is the flagship of PlantSys Reporting

In 2019, Oulun Seudun Sähkö Oy deployed KPA Unicon’s PlantSys Reporting system. All of its connectable plants were linked to the system. For KPA Unicon, the delivery of the system was one of the largest in the history of the PlantSys service platform.

“In addition to Reporting, we also use the PlantSys platform to manage the plant’s maintenance and logbook. Those features were introduced at the same time, but reporting is the most important for us in our daily work,” says Joni Pekkala, District Heating Production Manager at Oulun Seudun Sähkö.

The oldest Oulu Seudun Sähkö plants connected to PlantSys Reporting are from the early 1990s, and the newest ones were completed in 2014–2015.

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The City of Turku is digitalizing its energy production

”All fuel supply-related functions, as well as the fuel weighing procedures, are now handled via the mobile. In addition, we receive and deliver fluidized bed materials, and the fly ash from the electric filter and the oversized fractions from the screen are delivered for further processing. These functions are all registered in PlantSys.” Jari Lahtinen says.

“All the plant data we want to collect is available at PlantSys. All information is automatically logged in and can easily be reported. For example, emissions and production reports can be automatically generated for the authorities. When there is a disruption in the system, we can search for productions metrics from PlantSys each time, which facilitates the determination of the root causes for the disruption.”

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PlantSys supports thermal plant capacity as a service for Kokkolan Energia

The plant will be equipped with PlantSys, KPA Unicon’s digital service platform. PlantSys will digitalize and make transparent the lifecycle management of the plant. Mobile-operated fuel and maintenance services are available in real time and will make using the plant easy and reliable. Timely and readily available information on the plant’s maintenance and production conditions increases predictability.

PlantSys makes remote plant operation possible, allowing the Kälviä plant to be connected to KPA Unicon’s service center in Haapavesi. From the service center, KPA Unicon will manage daily operations, and potential defects requiring manual repair will be resolved in co-operation with a local operator.

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World’s leading steel company ArcelorMittal is also trusting PlantSys

ArcelorMittal has been using PlantSys for years at plant at Temirtau Kazakhstan. Choice of PlantSys was natural also for new plant at Zenica, Bosnia Herzegovina. KPA Unicon will supply a redundant PlantSys remote operating system as a part of the power plant entity, as well as operations and maintenance services to ensure high availability and usability of energy production.

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