PlantSys Operation remote plant control system | Kpa Unicon

Intelligent operation with fluent interaction

Remote monitoring and control system. Built-in intelligence guides you to make better decision for efficient operation. With PlantSys® Operation you can connect and monitor unlimited devices at real time anywhere and anytime you want.

Plant control system, PlantSys® Operation, has been created to ensure efficient plant operation capabilities. The PlantSys® Operation fulfils the need for plant data collection, control, storage and back-up synchronization for further data analysis and insights.

PlantSys® Operation is installed on premise in a plant environment, and the setup is mirrored to KPA Unicon’s service centre enabling easy and secure remote assistance to plant operation.

PlantSys® Operation is built to support operation of an automated plant environment and enables remote plant operation. The software guarantees boiler plant’s safe operation from the control centre.

PlantSys® Operation does not require client software installations and is runnable multiplatform by the design.

Main features