We’ve got the keys to cleaner air in the bag.

The fine particles emitted by combustion cause significant damage to our health and the environment. That’s why we created the KPA Unicon Bag filter – an emissions control solution that improves local air quality by significantly reducing fine particle emissions. It has been estimated that fine particles cause 350,000 premature deaths in Europe. The respective figure is 1300 in Finland. For this reason the EU has set an MCP directive that obliges its member countries to change their legislation. And we’re here to help you navigate the process and meet the required limits for your community.

We pioneered flue gas cleaning technology and our bag filter solution is designed to easily integrate with your new or existing system. Designed in Finland and delivered wherever you need it, the Unicon Bag Filter is a smart and cost-effective turnkey solution that will improve the local air quality in your community and help you be prepared to meet and exceed increased particle emission limits in the future.

Bag filter highlights

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