Reducing emissions

Making a difference locally and globally

We can contribute to a cleaner tomorrow by continuously developing our energy production solutions, our digital solutions to improve resource efficiency and our lifecycle services. We want to make responsible, environmentally friendly, and economically viable energy production possible all around the world. We are also committed to reducing emissions in our own operations.

We want to cause change and do our part in mitigating climate change, both locally and globally. We help our customers reduce harmful emissions by helping them to reduce or completely shift away from the use of fossil fuels by developing and producing:

  • energy production plants that utilize renewable energy sources
  • process optimizations and solutions for managing emissions for existing energy production facilities

We believe that clean air belongs to everyone, and local emissions such as dust emissions, sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide emissions can be significantly reduced in energy production by utilizing renewable energy sources as well as by modernizing old plants and applying process optimizations. This has a positive impact on local air quality and health of local communities.

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