Renewable energy

Passion for promoting the use of clean energy

Our passion is to be involved in continuously promoting the use of renewable energy by developing the energy production solutions and services we offer. Every day we work to strengthen and facilitate the production of clean energy around the world.

Today, the use of biomass as an energy source often means utilizing side and waste streams such as wood chips, and wood processing industry side streams, saw dust and bark. As the origin of energy, we utilize

  • municipal, business, or industrial-based waste fit for combustion such as plastic waste, demolition waste and agro-based fuels in solid recovered fuels.
  • liquid recycling waste, such as bio-oils which are often produced as side streams in bioproduct factories.
  • gaseous recovered fuels, including side stream gas flows from metal processing such as blast furnace and cox furnace gases.

By tailoring our products to our customer’s needs, we are making sure that usable biomass and waste do not become useless waste.

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