Sustainability in daily operations

Promoting environmental friendliness in our own operations

We want to minimize negative environmental impacts of our own operations. We regularly look for possibilities to develop our daily operations to be more ecologically sustainable. We encourage our employees to be open about their development ideas, as change can only be achieved through cooperation. We set environmental targets every year and monitor our development. In our daily operations, we have focused on measuring and improving waste management in production, energy consumption in our workshops and offices, and business traveling.

We have identified the environmental risks of our operations and always strive to eliminate them or manage them. In our operations, environmental risks occur mainly on plant sites. However, environmental accidents on our plant sites are extremely rare.

We also acknowledge the long-term impact of our operations on climate change, and our aim is to ensure that our operating as a whole mitigates climate change.

Our Targets

90 % Recycling

or recovering rate of waste created in production in 2021


efficient waste sorting possibilities in new sites in 2021

100 % Renewables

as energy source in all sites in 2021

Energy efficient

 LED lighting in workshops in 2021

-20 % CO2e

reduction in annual business travel emissions by 2025


environmental accidents annually

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