A safe working environment is everyone’s right

Ensuring the continuous development of occupational safety through cooperation

We care about our employees, and continuously improving occupational safety is an important part of everyday operations.

A safe working environment is built on the basis of education, guidance and commonly agreed operating principles. We strive to ensure a safe working environment by familiarizing each of our employees, partners, and visitors to safety on our sites and by obliging our employees to follow our safety instructions.

A safe working environment is everyone’s right, and we at KPA Unicon want to develop this together. We monitor the effectiveness of occupational safety activities by measuring the accident frequency rate and by monitoring the amount of sick leave, near miss -situations and reported safety observations. We always aim for zero accidents annually.

We are committed to furthering occupational safety by:

  • Continuously developing operations and communicating openly
  • Developing internal reporting practices related to occupational safety
  • Continuously developing proactive occupational safety activities
  • Listening to our employees and encouraging them to make safety initiatives
  • Communicating the importance of safety to our subcontractors and by monitoring subcontractors’ accidents, near miss -situations and safety observations on our sites

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