Sustainability targets

We set sustainability targets to ensure continous improvement.

Our sustainability work is guided by our operating principles, focus areas and set sustainability targets.

We conduct a materiality assessment every three years to survey what our stakeholders view to be material considering economic, social and environmental sustainability.

We set sustainability targets on material topics and report on the progress as part of our parent company Partnera’s sustainability reporting. Our sustainability targets are set to continuously improve governance, and social and environmental performance.

Focus areas

Our sustainability targets are set considering our focus areas that have been derived from the results of our latest materiality assessment:

  1. Best place to work – Engagement, training and development of our personnel
  2. Safe place to work
  3. Developing and delivery of clean energy solutions – Promoting use of renewable energy sources and circular economy
  4. Minimizing our carbon foorprint and environmental impact

Set environmental sustainability targets for the future relate to the climate impact of our products, pollution prevention with our products, and minimizing the climate impacts of our operations.

Set social sustainability targets for the near future include promoting health and safety in all operations, incident reporting and ensuring the availability of data, improving employee commitment, and ensuring responsible sourcing.

Sustainability targets

TargetAchievement in 2021Progress
Engagement, training and development of our personnel — Best Place to Work.
2022 Survey on equal opportunities.Not started
Obtaining 100 initiatives annually, from all teams and subsidiaries.The target of 100 initiatives has been reached for the past two years. In 2020, 124 initiatives were received and in 2021, 111 initiatives were received. Improvements were made in the processing of initiatives; processing time was shortened and initiatives were handled on weekly basis.Achieved
2025 Positive eNPS achieved.Human resources and occupational health and safety strategies were updated.In progress
Safe place to work
Zero accidents in own operations.ISO 45001 certification was received in the beginning of 2022. Accident investigation procedures were revised. Active work to improve the safety culture started through increased communication. Personal protective equipment (PPE) procedures were revised, and the compliance assessment of PPE use is ongoing. Risk assessments were performed for all the offices in Finland and the workshop in Lapua, Finland during 2021. The risk assessment for Kiuruvesi, Finland, workshop is in progress. A new tool/system for risk assessments was taken into use and carrying out risk assessments became a continuous process with frequent updates.Not achieved
2025 LTIF below 10
2022 LTIF below 15
The development of the analysis and reporting of the types and severity of incidents. Improvement of the processing of the reports.Reporting, analysis and incident tracking systems with the related responsibilities were all revised in 2021.In progress
2022 Systematically harmonized reporting and analysis methods taken into use.Reporting was revised and extended in 2021 and harmonization started.In progress
Annual sick leave rate below 3%.A work capacity development program, to maintain and develop the work capacity and well-being of personnel, started in cooperation with the insurance company and pension company. The target was reached in 2020 and 2021.Achieved
2022 At least 500 proactive actions including for example safety observations and initiatives filed and processed annually to improve safety culture.The measuring and recording of safety rounds, toolbox talks and initiatives related to safety has started but is still workshop-focused. Communication, encouragement and guidance on reporting safety observations has a high priority. Reporting of safety observations has been made easier and in 2021, 143 safety observations and 19 health and safety initiatives were reported. The processing of reports has been improved. In 2022, further attention needs to be paid to communication and implementing corrective actions. Supervisor responsibility training has taken place in 2021 and further training will be provided to deepen the knowledge in 2022.In progress
2023 All initiatives and observations processed annually, information from all functions and subsidiaries.Increased communication: The data on a function/subsidiary level is followed up regularly in personnel info sessions. Reporting procedures and responsibilities have been clarified.In progress
2023 Extending the incident reporting and analysis methods to cover (sub)contractors at all production and installation plants.Guidelines and contract changes have been made so that information on occupational accidents from sub-contractors can be receivedIn progress
2025 Health and safety performance criteria set for (sub)contractors.Changes to contracts and evaluation forms have been made to obtain health and safety information and to later help create the health and safety performance criteria.In progress
Development and delivery of clean energy solutions.
Targets will be defined in 2022.Not started
Minimizing our carbon footprint.
100% of the purchased electricity in our.Energy agreements for our workshops were renewed in 2021. Green electricity used since June 2021.Achieved
2022 Calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions and define a medium (2030) and long-term climate strategy (2050) with the targets and the related actions.Greenhouse gas (GHG) calculations carried out for the Sustainability Report. However, some data gaps still exist, and Scope 3 emissions could only be calculated for Category 6, Business travel.In progress
Minimizing our environmental impact
2022 KPIs and targets set and action plans in place.KPI and target setting scheduled for Q1/2022.Not started
2022 Particulate and NOX emissions from our joint venture power plants in commercial operation verified.Emissions measurements scheduled for Finland’s Kälviä district heating plant for 2022. Other joint venture power plants have not yet been put into commercial operation.Not started
2030 Modernization of the backup boilers at our workshops.The current backup boilers are light fuel oil fired but small in capacity.Not started
2021 90% of the waste originating from the production recycled and recovered.Our utilization rate was 93%.Achieved

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